What do you think of my creation?


Sorry for the link, it just looks better with video and wouldn’t upload on here lol
It’s not my best work, but I tried

What I used
  • Roblox Toy Boxes (x6)
  • White and Mint Spray Paint
  • Hot Glue

If you try to make something like this, wear a mask while your buying the toys and also make sure you wear a mask when spray painting, it doesn’t smell very good at all :nauseated_face:

tiny hands :palms_up_together:


Oh, another thing: I haven’t opened any as last time I did it started falling apart because I didn’t sand the tops and bottoms off

Also because the glue was still not dry :v:

Edit: I got it open but it’s really messy and the one under is falling off O_O

Edit 2: crap it broke off

Edit 3: phew

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Spray paint fumes are really bad for you. They are toxic. Please work with aerosolized toxins in a well-ventilated area with a respirator. It looks neat, but it isn’t worth destroying your lungs over while making. Please be safe around toxic chemicals like propane that can easily kill you through suffocation.

Propane is the main propellant in spray paints nowadays, because CFCs were outlawed for environmental reasons that are much worse than propane. Some propellants are other toxic things that deprive you of oxygen and can suffocate you.


Yeah, I know. I’m not a professional and I got it all in my nose

i’ll be fine for now

also I was wearing a mask but it didn’t do much

Yeah. You are supposed to wear a painter’s reusable respirator when working with anything that creates dust, toxic aerosols, volatile toxins, and propellants. They aren’t too expensive. Only like $15 at most, look pretty cool, and have exchangeable filters. N95s work too, but that is for REALLY bad stuff like viruses and fiber glass, so refrain from buying them so medical professionals and HVAC specialists can use them. Protect your lungs please. These things can cause permanent damage if you aren’t careful. At least do this kind of thing outside without any walls surrounding you so the wind can blow away the fumes.

I love the smell of spray paint.
What’s this supposed to be @infiniteRaymond

Looks great, but color variation is bland.

Don’t. It’s really bad for you. Might as well drink ammonia.

It was just supposed to be a cool decoration for my room lol

Looks cool and quirky, if you made the letters white and the rest red (which is hard I understand) that would’ve been WAY cooler,

jk, this is still coolest. But adding some colors wouldn’t hurt, would it?