What do you think of my first gun model?

Hey guys! Today I took about half an hour out of my time to attempt to create my first gun model, a standard Glock type pistol.
Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 2.03.34 PM
There are many flaws with the model, and I would love for you guys to tell me everything you see, especially the negative.
All feedback helps!


It’s rather basic and blocky, but it’s not bad for a start. Keep improving.

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I really like your current model, looks great if you’re going for a simple, block-like style. However, the trigger and the trigger guard seem a bit lacking. I really do like how it looks like though. For the trigger though, try to make a gradual curve. No gun has a trigger where it’s uncomfortable and slips off of the user’s index finger. Here’s an image of a Glock for reference.


As you can see, the trigger curves and the guard has a bit of complexity for the user. Maybe take this picture for reference and fix it up a bit. Overall, I like it.

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This feedback is very useful, I will definitely keep it in mind when I go for my second attempt.

For your 1st gun model, it looks pretty good! I would add some more detail, but the person 2 posts above me had a on point picture.

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