What do you think of my game called Mirrors?

This game is basically a puzzle game with different mechanics which when solving a puzzle it leads you to the next room. The solving of puzzles progresses the storyline. So in this post, I will update my game with the levels when I finishing making them. So any suggestions and feedback will be greatly appreciated to improve this project. EDIT:I finished the first level which on another post any suggestions and feedback would appreciated


Awesome idea! I think this will add a nice flair to the story game genre. Can’t wait!


Thanks it’s more like a puzzle/story game but would you mind play testing the game when I make a decent amount of progress in the game


I would love to! Thanks for inviting me!


It looks cool :slight_smile:

I love strat games, so I’ll definitely check it out when your finished!

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This sounds Cool :yum:
When are you thinking of releasing it?

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It may release next year due to the amount of levels I have to create which how many levels should I have I’m planning for a bossfight in the end.