What Do You Think Of My Game? Find The Gems

Heya! How do you like my game? (My first game EVER) (I am building the last stage)

Game Name: Find The Gems
Game Link: [New]FIND THE GEMS 💎💎 - Roblox

Thanks For The Feedback!

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Your game isn’t good…

I join the game and get greeted by an unfinished loading screen… instead of the game name or the logo it says “Your Game Name Here”

When I look at the chat it says “Welcome to Fins the Gems” instead of Find the Gems

If I walk around I see the number of free models used. It is ok to use free models but it shouldn’t be more free models than your own.

By the way, why are there ClickDetectors in the Gems, even though you have to walk over them?

Now to the GUI. The Shop GUI doesn’t even open!

Game page

To the logo… why can’t you take 5 minutes to create your own gem in Photoshop/Photopea. A custom logo looks MUCH better.

I can’t really say anything about the thumbnail. It just looks so rushed and weird.

About the game passes though… they all look different and don’t match at all! I have a feeling that these were taken off google/other games.

I won’t judge the description too much, but it doesn’t seem appealing.

I myself own a game similar to yours. I make almost all the models myself, create my own GUI’s, write my own scripts.

My game, Find the Button is also my first game.

I don’t like it, as it seems very rushed and basically works only with free models.
Sorry if I ruined your mood, but this is my opinion

Logo idea (please do it better, I just quickly threw this together)