What do you think of my game idea?

What do you think of my game idea? A game where you have an admin command like ;paint and when you use it you earn XP. When you get a level you get new commands that give more XP!

If you like this idea and want to work with me on it, tell me!


So, you just type to get XP? Sounds like it’ll get boring very fast.

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But XP will go very fast like 3 commands = 1 level

I have to agree on @AlbertSeir’s comment. This doesn’t sound like an appealing game to me… sorry!

It doesn’t really matter how fast you progress in a game, it’s more about how fun it is, and just typing doesn’t seem very fun.

Thats it? Xp? Literally? Xp? Thats it? Literally just a command?

Jokes aside, can i work with you on this project?

There’s already a popular game like this.

Thank you so much for your feedbacks ! It will be a little bit boring but I’ll add a lot of things, just wait for ideas lol.

@zaydoudou can you send me a link to the game like this I won’t copy it ?

@JustAGameDeveloper1 of course ! I just want to tell you that the account I’m actually using is an alt, my principal account is @TheDeadpool2496, so please add me as friend, and please join my group, because I’ll create the game for my group, and like this I’ll give you a percentage.