What do you think of my game?

My game the haven tycoon (which is currently on the rthro sort) has an average playtime of around 10min and I would like to get this higher, what do you think I could do to make players stay longer? Please let me know!



Oh uhh… a tycoon… am going to be honestly tycoon are played out but at least yours as events and stuff for people to do.

The haven tycoon also has consumables, fighting enemies, bosses and your base can be destroyed.

Well, like I said at least yours has something for people to do I guess I would have to rate it. 8.5/10.

Not looking for ratings, looking for stuff I can change in the game. :confused:


Personally I love tycoon games, and wish there were more. I’m old; I remember when Future Tycoon was brand new, when Tix were a thing, and when Miners Haven was a pipe dream.

The best things you can do to make a tycoon longer are add more things to buy, and a prestige/unlock system in order to expand even farther. Take a look at Tix Tycoon(if it ever becomes free to play). Every time you rebirth you unlock a new area of the tycoon to develop. Think about that, because a 10m tycoon isn’t nearly long enough. The best tycoons take DAYS if they have saves.

Well, this is not really much to change you have bosses and you can destroy another base so I think it’s fine. But try doing daily challenges you get rewards.

Rebirth’s are an idea I have had since the beginning of this game however thats more for end game players, I want to know how to keep new players in because they are the ones who are lowering the avg playtime.

My solution is twofold. You must expand the world the tycoon is set in to include other things to do.

What I mean is, include quests or capture points or something for players to leave their tycoon and do for unique rewards. The issue with players leaving is that they’re waiting for the tycoon to earn enough money to purchase the next item. So give them something to do whilst waiting in the world around them. That, or include an active PVP or PVE element that puts them under constant threat.

Yes, in the game there is a PVE element where zombies spawn every night and (can) destroy their base if they dont protect it.

But that doesn’t threaten the player directly; just the base that they don’t care about because they’re waiting for the money to purchase another upgrade(not being rude. That’s just how most tycoons are). Go take a look at Blood Moon Tycoon, active playerbase at around 250 at any given moment. You’ll understand what I mean by expanding the world and stuff.

By the base I mean they can kill your mines and upgraders too, theres also a quest in the map as well.

I see; but that still doesn’t threaten the player directly. First off, destroying their base is probably what is making them leave. Nobody likes seeing what they’ve worked on be destroyed. Second, if you want to threaten the player make them dangerous to the player and not the tycoon.

Players can turn off fighting mode if they dont want to be attacked and just want to work on their tycoon.

You’re asking for ways to improve player retention; I’ve offered you several. I’m not here to debate them. If you would like me to fully flesh out these ideas for your tycoon specifically you can private message me on the forums.

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gonna only say a few things since my attention span was really giving out since tycoons arent usually my cup of tea
i highly dislike the rthro body that’s forced on me; i dont want to be a thick stringbean on a game

also don’t like to have to scroll down for a TUTORIAL and its a slower pace than I can follow; usually for any game you dont need to scroll down for a tutorial, and if you do it doesn’t ever look like its going further than the screen of whatever device you’re on

besides those things, making players walk faster and GUI improvements though would probably make the game more pleasing to play though

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Definitely make the icons on the bottom left side of the screen smaller.

Thats actually a good idea, have just put this into place. Thanks!

Still looking for feedback!!!

The game seems fun. Only thing is the soundtrack. I mean it’s 100% my opinion but the song you’ve inputted is kinda overplayed on ROBLOX. Overall though, it’s a fun game, and it’s not your average tycoon. (In a good way)

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