What do you think of my gfx?

What do you think of my gfx?
Honest opinions please, just want some genuine feedback and advice.


I have nothing negative to say, this is nice!

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Thank you.

(third characters…)

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This is really nice, I like it on how you add the lighting and how you make the shadow.
With this GFX you’ll have a wonderful future, Keep up this nice job!

It’s quite impressive, just when we see something like this, we can see that you put a lot of work, effort and time on this GFX, the lightning, the characters and the models used.
I honestly don’t see any negative point, maybe add more reflection to the car or a blur in the background. Good job !


  • I like the positioning of the models
  • Decent lighting
  • I can tell this was well thought out.


  • I think you could added texture to the buildings. Brick would look nice.
  • The character on the right’s limbs are in a weird position while holding a gun, maybe raise it.
  • The windows have no transparency.

Overall its pretty good. Keep up the good work!


Thanks a lot for the advice!
Was my first gfx in over a year since I took a break so good to have some constructive criticism.


Nothing really design wise but I do have a suggestion with the watermark.

I suggest moving it to a corner somewhere instead in the middle of the GFX. Other than that It’s really good.

It looks great! seems very professional…
One thing you could improve on is make the buildings look less low poly. So maybe add bricks and the buildings will look ace.
Other than that, I think we have a big game coming soon…

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Dear Dev,

This looks amazing! I love the way you did the lighting and the shadows. The only thing i’d recommend is to add some texture to the buildings, such as cobblestone, brick, etc