What do you think of my Halloween logo?

I’m not a logo maker/artist but I just had to try. These are one of the first logos I’ve made ever and I just want to know what the community thinks of them! Please don’t go too harsh, I’m just an amateur.
(Made a couple of changes!)
Let me know what I can improve on!


This is an amazing first logo!!
I’m very impressed! :happy4:
The only critic I had with it was that I couldn’t really tell what the logo was spelling…It took me a second to figure out the Riot part. The Society and Homestore words I could tell from the first glance.
Otherwise, ingenious work! Keep it up :hearts:

Edit: Maybe uncover the R a bit from the vines and cobwebs? Make it more noticeable?

I’ve had the word “Riot” in my group name for a while. Roblox has done nothing to it at all. If the word ‘riot’ is inappropriate; what about all the other words related?

Thank you for your feedback and compliments! I took another look and it is kind of hard to distinguish the first word. I’ll make changes to the R

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what did you use to draw it? It looks awesome.

Looks amazing apart from the fact that homestore looks like hamstore lol :rofl:

This is really good for one of your first logos, but I would’ve put the vine behind the R instead of it going across the front of it!.

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You are totally right… I didn’t see that at all! I’ll try to change it a little

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I use Paint.net! Although I have Photoshop, it seems a little easier on PDN for me

Huh, do you have a drawing tablet or is it all mouse?

Drawing on a tablet is easier but I drew it with a mouse :rofl:

That is awesome, I can’t even use paint.net. I just use a free online photo editor which is still decent.