What do you think of my menu screen?

I have been wondering what other people think of my menu screen! So what is your opinion? Please put down your honest opinion as this will help me make it better! Also put down what I could improve!

Thanks :grinning:

Edit: Just to let you know when you hover over the buttons it does a tween effect!

Menu Music:


It looks alright but it’s kinda basic. I suggest you add something for the background. Plus, the text font & color for “911” doesn’t match with the buttons below.

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Hey there! I will bear this in mind thanks! I am currently working with a builder to make a map. So you have just given me the idea of putting am image of the map in the background. Do you think this would work? And yes I will think about the buttons!

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I personally think that I will work, it’s a really good idea. It’s so much better than a colored screen. :smile: :+1:


It looks pretty good, but for some reason the texture and color of 911 make it kinda look a intestine i don’t know that’s just my opinion anyway, good job.

p.s Nice name.

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Hello There! Thanks for your opinion! I will think about the logo! Do you think its to dark?

p.s what do you think of the music?

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Depends, if your is games kinda dark then its great, but if it more light then its a bit to dark it all depend’s but if its a dark game then great job :slight_smile:.

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