What do you think of my new game?

Play and rate!: Button Empire - Roblox

(I would love to hear any feedback! It really helps! :))

I would love to hear some feedback!!

I don’t usually play tycoon games but it’s pretty cool, but when I touched a silver I stopped in place after picking it up and wasn’t able to move. The reset button is disabled too, why?

Okay, so there’s a glitch where when you pick up two things at the same time your walkspeed sets to 0. Reset button is disabled because I found a glitch where if you spam reset, you get more copper cause it tracks when you join but it also triggers when you reset so I disabled reset. I will work on fixing that glitch but thanks for the feedback

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to fix the glitch I recommend disabling movement instead of setting the move speed

ok here is my honest opinion.
To me, this game is unique. I’ve never played a game like this, and I enjoyed it.

Here is some things I would fix:

  1. I would make the pickup animation faster or remove it entirely. It is kind of annoying at the beginning when all you can do is pick of stuff.
  2. I would make the decoration simpler, there are some things like the mushrooms that just don’t belong (I would also remove the partiles that just randomly appear from the ground). I would also make the texture on the ground a bit more transparent.
  3. Add more environment user reaction, and by this, I mean, do things like make the button animate when the user touches it. Same with the UI.
  4. Another thing I might change is the day/night cycle, instead of constantly moving, I would suggest having it be night for however many minutes, then tween it to day, and back and forth like that, because that would give it a smoother feel (this one is 100% preference based though)
  5. make the pickup more prominent in the later stages of the game, because once I got 20 gold, then I just stopped picking things up

All things considered, this game was fun and enjoyable, and it would be interesting to see how it evolves as you update it.

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