What do you think of my phone UI?

Hello, I’m currently working on this phone UI and I would like you to rate it I’m considering adding this UI to my game what do you think should I?
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Do you think my Ui is good or bad?
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That looks pretty good! The one thing I would change is the background, it makes some of the text at the bottom hard to read.

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I like your topbar, but the rest of the UI looks a bit messy. Some of the text is misaligned (the app names and large date are off-centred) and the black outlines and text on the apps clash with the style of the rest of the interface. I’d remove the outlines on the apps and make all the text on the phone a shade of white or light grey.

The UI placement and such is pretty messy, but you know that’s okay! We need to all look at our mistakes so we can fix what we messed up on, and honestly these are small fixable ones to, so it’s nothing to be worried about.

Overall, looks pretty good, but defiantly could use some work with the UI :+1:


Fix up this UI!!


The time is really hard to see, so you should outline it or something to make it easier to see.


Also I would split up the apps and text a bit more, looks to squished together.

Update fixed the icons and spaced them out and added names

It looks decent, I would say raise the time a tiny bit.