What do you think of my Story Trailer?

Hello Robloxians!

I’ve been working on this game for a few months now, my other games didn’t go so well, but I’m determined to lead this game to success! Warfront is a futuristic Multiplayer/Singleplayer game, you goal being to Defend the core for as long as you can! (I know, pathetic back story, but it is a new game)

Here is the game Link:

Just 2 of us have been working on this game, yep… A dev team of 2 people!

What am I look for exactly? Preferably feedback on weather this looks good enough for the public to expect. Maybe even grammar suggestions or a slight change of the story line, but I’ve provided a poll for those who don’t have the time to type a long comment (This trailer is in-game, not in the Front Page):

Story Trailer

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What do you think? and thanks for reading :slight_smile:

If this is part of the game, I suggest adding a skip button, as people either might not want to read it or have already read it, so they have to wait for it to be over. Other than that, looks really good!


Looks pretty nice, I do agree with what RBLXpsyfor said where you should add a skip button. I also couldn’t tell if it was the game or just the video, but the frames looked pretty choppy. Other than that I like it, keep up the good work!

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Yes, this Trailer is inside the game, too crappy to be trailer sadly :frowning:

Testing the trailer in game may most likely result in better quality for your device

It’s great but not for a trailer.