What do you Think

Hello I am new at Roblox building, I would like to have some feed back, Any advice will gladly be accepted.

Thank you in advance.


I see a door with a green or yellow lock, what kind of map or building is it? And the window view from ‘Worl’s Mini Mart’ looks a bit empty.

the door is actually brown it looks green because of the lighting, Worl’s Mini Mart is empty because i was at the time i was trying to get used to building with the shapes. also i was also trying to build everything from scratch and not just take stuff from the toolkit even if they look 100% better than mines.

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Hi, all looks amazing, but i have a recommendation in the Worls Mini Mart

  • You should change the material of the walls
    *Adding some posters (Of products like a bloxy cola)
    *And Some trees outside

But it looks great :+1:

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Custome texture would be cool, and some doesn’t make sense like the first and third picture. The doors are too wide and I don’t recommend making it with textures. The use of neons isn’t very good. Wall trim could add realism. ngl, this looks like there is no effort at all or maybe I’m too judgy. But still good work :smiley:

Thank you for you input i will try my bet to improve.

Thank you for advice, i will try my best to improve.