What Does Everyone Think of a Recreation of a Side of a House?

What does everyone think of a re-creation of a side of a house that I found as the first result for ‘house’ in Bing?
I did this for my portfolio to showcase my skills in re-creating real-world things like houses, bridges, etc. from reference images, but would also like everyone’s thoughts on it too.


Original image used as reference:


I feel like the colors are a little too orange. The brown on the real home is a pure, dirt brown. Very good recreation otherwise!


Yeah, I’d say so too. The sunlight isn’t as yellow as I intended.

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looks pretty similar to the praire house, however could use more details!

good recreation

I really like it, looks nice, but it would be better if you added some of the details on the side of the house like the pipe.

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I would make the bricks darker, the wood darker and the roof (in the real life picture) looks more like metal and it’s totally black while in your recration it looks wood and it’s brown/orangish.

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