What does "PlaceLaucher : Teleport failed because join script failed to load" mean?

I am trying to teleport player(s) to a reserved server, whilst sending data with the teleport as well, but when I try to get the data in the other place it returns nil and I get this error message on the client side:

“PlaceLaucher : Teleport failed because join script failed to load”


Can you show the code--------------------

I noticed same error today with my long standing game, code hasnt changed for over a year. My code still actually Teleports but getting the error message

Yeah, my code will teleport me, but it is when I get to the other place when it displays the error and also doesn’t load in the data I sent. Are you sending data too? Have you found a way to fix it?

Teleport player(ServerScript, ServerScriptService):

function teleportreservedserver(plr, id, plrtbl, teleportopts)
	local reservedserveraccesscode = teleportservice:ReserveServer(id)
	teleportservice:TeleportToPrivateServer(id, reservedserveraccesscode, plrtbl, workspace.SpawnLocation, teleportopts)

remotefunction.TeleportToReservedServer.OnServerEvent:Connect(teleportreservedserver)`Preformatted text`

Get data player data on reserved server(LocalScript, StarterGui):

function playerloaded()
	lobby = teleportservice:GetLocalPlayerTeleportData() 
	print(plr.Name .. " has lobby data, it is: ", lobby.Host.Name, lobby.Map, lobby.Gamemode, lobby.Code)


lobby should equal a table with settings for the private server, but it returns nil along with error.

parameter # 4 should be a String. It should be the name of the spawn location you wanna spawn at in the place you will be teleporting to


you should fix the script, if it’s fixed, and doesn’t work, something did you forgot in the script.

This was the first chance I got to test this and it didn’t work… I got the same error.
Here is what I changed it to:

teleportservice:TeleportToPrivateServer(id, reservedserveraccesscode, plrtbl, "SpawnLocation", teleportopts)

Did I do something wrong?

What code did you use to create the teleport data?

This is a function in a local script in PlayerGui that another function can call to teleport. This function then fires either a module, if it is not teleporting to a reserved server, or a server script in SeverScriptService that reserves and teleports the players.

function teleportplr(id, teleportdata, reserve)
   local teleportopts = Instance.new("TeleportOptions")
   if teleportdata then

  if reserve then
	remotefunctions:FindFirstChild("TeleportToReservedServer"):FireServer(id, lobby.Players, teleportopts)
	local teleportResult = teleportmodule.teleportWithRetry(id, {plr}, teleportopts)

id is the place id
teleportdata is the lobby info.
reserve is a boolean to determine whether or not to reserve a server

I’m having the same error show in the console, but I am able to teleport from place to place successfully. Any information on this error or likely causes for it would be helpful.

I was able to load in the teleport data, but I still get the error, so I guess its fine since it isn’t effecting gameplay. I do believe that it might be because I am in the Beta Program, are you in the Beta Program?

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I am also seeing this randomly show up on my client-log.

It doesn’t seem to be affecting anything, but it’s just there?

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My soft shutdown has been defunct because of this

Hi, I’m having the same error but it does nothing bad for me. I can still teleport people to private servers and to somewhere. So, you shouldn’t worry about it.

I think this is an internal error with Roblox. My gave has been getting this error for the past week or so.

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The issue I was having turned out to not be related to the PlaceLauncher error and like all of you the error seems to have no effect on my game.

I do have a theory, I believe it is an error developers in the Beta Program are getting, are you all in the Beta Program? I tried to opt out, but turns out Roblox hasn’t opted anyone in or out for a couple of months, so we may this error for a while…

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