What does the "table overflow" message in the output mean?

I’m geting a “table overflow” message in my output and I think it’s screwing some stuff up in my scripts. This message is sent in one of the clients but not the other (I’m running 2 clients and the server to test my game in studio).

It points to this line for the the table overflow message:

attackButton.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function() -- This line
		local selectedTargets = Player:targetSelect("Attack", "Single", "Enemy", FunctionList.getTargets())
		NetworkManagerClient.FireServer("Attack", selectedTargets)
		inputComplete = true

My question is what is a table overflow error? And why might I get it here at a Connect function? I’m not even using a table in this script so I don’t understand what the error is trying to tell me. I’ve looked up the error and haven’t found much that explains what this message actually means. Does it mean there’s a table somewhere that either I’ve created or Roblox created that gets too “full” of items somehow? I just have no idea how to troubleshoot this.

In my other client the first thing output to the console is another weird error I don’t understand:

What does standalone mean? How can I tell where this error is pointing? I’m assuming it’s something client side since this message is output to one of the clients.

I can post more scripts if anyone thinks that would let them help me better, but I have a lot of them and it would take a long time to explain them all. I’m hoping someone could provide me some insight as to what the error messages I’m seeing actually mean so that I could troubleshoot and fix them myself, but any help is greatly appreciated.

So I’ve realized I’m a little bit of a silly goose and had a :Connect function that was in an infinite loop, which is where the table overflow error was coming from. I still haven’t figured out the other error message yet though.

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