What does this error mean ? | " ContentProvider:Preload() failed for rbxassetid://5397011910"

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I am currently working on a game also using this project to teach myself scripting in roblox by using already made scripts but if they broken or spit errors ill fix them and that always worked and i pretty much learned alot of stuff. However i tried everything to solve this but what does this mean ?

" ContentProvider:Preload() failed for rbxassetid://5397011910" ??? | I have a system to pickup dead bodys when people die and that assetID is basicly a animation i dont know why that script even uses that line to just load in a animation ? here is a screenshot of this error in output.

here is a screenshot of where it is located in the script its a client script.

It means it couldn’t preload the animation, that’s what the error says.

sorry for late response,

what does it mean. Does it mean it cant because the script didnt load correctly or cant it load because of whatever reason ? like can i fix it ??

No, you can’t. The animation just didn’t load. The script will ‘load correctly’, but the animation wont load. It wont always error like that so you should be fine, it has nothing to do with your script.

oh because when i wasi n studio i got the error but when i joined the actual game it worked cause sometimes my ragdoll pickup script sometimes broke and sometimes worked and i think thats the issue