What does this error means?

I tried putting a MeshPart MeshID like this

local ConeMeshID = 4968089638

local ActualCone = Instance.new("MeshPart")
ActualCone.MeshId = "rbxassetid://"..ConeMeshID

But then, this error Prints in Output

  00:58:30.277  Unable to assign property MeshId. Script write access is restricted  -  Server - Main:32
  00:58:30.277  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  00:58:30.277  Script 'Workspace.Model.Main', Line 32 - function giveCone  -  Studio - Main:32
  00:58:30.277  Script 'Workspace.Model.Main', Line 75  -  Studio - Main:75
  00:58:30.277  Stack End  -  Studio

You need to look at 4968089638 to know

There’s nothing wrong with the Mesh Asset

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The reason for this error is because, as the error says, script write access is restricted. The MeshId property is an fbx file which is downloaded to the computer and then you set the MeshId and stuff. It cannot be written because developers would have to access their player’s files, which is a big security hazard. For this reason, MeshId cannot be written from scripts.

Although as an alternative you can store the mesh somewhere and then clone it whenever you need it.


A MeshPart’s “MeshId” property is unscriptable, you can’t assign a value to it.

You should use a regular BasePart instance and a SpecialMesh instead.


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