What does this script do?

Hello, everyone!
I found this snippet of code and was wondering what it does. Can anyone help me out?

if string.sub(game:GetService("GroupService"):GetGroupInfoAsync(4091154).Description, 1, 6) == "active" then plr:Kick() end

from what i saw if the first 6 characters of the description of a certain group is “active” then the player is kicked

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This looks in the description of this group and checks if the first 6 characters are “active”. If it is, the player is kicked.

Was this a toolbox item? It seems to be a script that only starts being malicious after someone decides to turn it on.

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Seems to be malicious. It checks the description on a rather shady group to see if the description starts with “active”, and if it’s true then it kicks the player.

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OP owns the group.


My bad, just face value. That alongside the fact in which they didn’t seem to know what the code did.

The script was in a model in the toolbox, i changed the group ID to my group to see what would happen and nothing did. Changed it to “active” and it kicks players.