What else do I need to add to my new game?

I am making a new Roblox game

Hello everyone! I need some help. I am making a Roblox game called Club Classic and I feel like I need to add a lot more things to the game, I just don’t know what. The game is a club based around old Roblox.

My mind is just blank but I know the game needs more things to be added so, what else do I need?

by the way, these are things I plan on adding in the future so, I already have these covered

  • Avatar editor
  • VIP section
  • More Emotes
  • Just going over the map and fixing rough spots etc

But I feel like thats not enough. What Rough spots do I need to fix? Just what do I need to add

Here is a tour of the game, to give you guys a better idea on where everything can be placed.

Basically to sum it all up, I don’t care if it has to do with building, scripting, animations etc… What else do I need to add?


I will test it and i think it pretty good