What Else To Add?

2 days ago I found my scripter/partner asking my group’s members if they had any ideas for the main game. Turns out he has nothing to do.

Today, I finished the actual map. Meaning I have more time. I also have no clue what to do.

We have:

  • Tutorial
  • Loading Screen
  • In-Game Currency
  • Pets and Trails (vanity only)
  • Uniform GUI
  • Game Pass Doors

Any suggestions would be awesome.

Game Description

So, a working piano was made on Roblox. Decided to expand it to playable guitars, basses, ukuleles, and drums. That’s basically it.

Thought I added pictures. My bad haha.

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At least show photos? We can’t tell you what to add if we don’t know what it is you’re working on

What do you do in this game? You say working instruments but what’s the game in that? Do you earn points? You say you have a in game currency but how do you obtain it?

Add a turntable as well, could we have some pictures of the map to provide more feedback as well?

Add a turntable as well,

@DOUBLEcactus11 Already made one for decoration.

@Luxorz @Badandy11 Hope those files help.

@Ulxqra There’s literally no reason as to why you need to see the loading screen or tutorial, except for the fact that you most likely are going to copy it for your own use.

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Video made me laugh.
Honestly looks nice, good color coordination. Is there an upstairs/other rooms?
You should add posters of musicians or stuff promoting your store-- the floor seems quite open. You could add a couple statues of the devs/owners.
I gave up with learning guitar years ago so I can’t speak much on that. Maybe add a better inventory system? good job, hope this helped

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@Chordily Wow. No need to be rude. Why I even copy it? If you do not wanna send photos of your work, why are you on devforum? Devforum is about getting help and I cannot really help with no proof. So no need to be rude, if your worried about me copying, just stop posting.

Edit: Sorry if this seemed rude but I just feel like its a bit weird that you think I would copy :confused: