What exactly is a parameter?

What exactly is a parameter?

In the Roblox Developer thing, it talks about parameters but I’m still not sure what it is.

Pls no bully I’m new to scripting


I don’t know how to exactly describe a parameter, but its stuff that is inside the ()

here is an example

local function aFunction(aParameter)
aFunction("this is a parameter")

What does the parameter act as though. Like so function like is an action sorta. So what does the parameter do to the script?

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Here, this is what it is:

local function myCoolFunction(first, second, third) -- We can take in as many parems as we like!
   -- Now where did we get these vars from? We got them from the parems above

myCoolFunction("Hello ", "DevForum", "!") -- When we call the function, we are filling up those parems, basically kinda like a form sheet. 
-- Now, those parems act as provided variables in that function!

This is not exactly what a parem is, but it should get you on the right track.


It will print “this is a parameter” just like i wrote it inside the ()

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So the thing in the () is a parameter?

Yes. It is inside the parentheses (or () if you don’t get what i mean)

Is a parameter sort of like a place holder?

It doesn’t matter how many parameters you put. Here’s s example:

local function printingFoodStuff(first, second, third, fourth)
    print(first .. second .. third .. fourth)

printingFoodStuff("I love eating ", "burger, ", "sandwich and ", "more stuff! Lol") -- I love eating burder, sandwich and more stuff! Lol

Yes, but you can put any data type inside of it (numbers,parts or Instances,strings,variables and ect)

Not really… I have an example in my response.
@zaydoudou is technically right, but a more in-depth explanation is it’s like a variable thats’ passed on when you call the function, (the variable is passed on through the ())


Yes it is kind of like a placeholder (Not really)

What else is parameter used for? Is it just for printing?

No! You can use it as anything! It’s just like a variable being transferred to the function. So you can do strings, booleans, tables, numbers, instances, etc!

Me and @AridFights1 were using printing to explain the concept a bit better by putting those parems in use.


On second thought- Im gonna learn parameters later. I’m going to learn strings and stuff first so it’ll be easier to understand.

See parameters as arguments to a function, for example;

If I were to make a print script like the following…

function Output(Text)

…Then, Text would be the argument/parameter to my print function. You can use parameters/arguments like this.

Output("This is an argument/parameter.");
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Is the “This is an argument…” a parameter?

Yes, everything in between the () in the output function is a parameter.

(In this case, the string in between the () is the parameter.)

So basically, the stuff in a () is always a parameter?

I guess you could say that, yes.