What game idea will bring back all roblox players to that one game

I want to know because roblox use to be very famous and popular, but now it’s kind of losing it some games are very repetitive. I had a idea in mind that might bring back a big audience to roblox but I don’t know if it’ll work.

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One single idea will NOT be able to get all roblox players to 1 game. I guarantee you that. Even with adopt me, not everyone has played it, and some avoid it on purpose. But if you have a good enough idea, and it catches mainstream you can get a lot of players.

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I guess if you are going for a large audience you need to make something that has not been seen on the platform before. Like Piggy targets kids and it has a large audience. Having 1,000 players daily can make you lots of Robux. But like @kingerman88 said no game will bring all the players into that game.

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Yea, I didn’t mean to format it that way what I meant is like a huge audience to my game.

I would say to see what’s popular, something goofy, cute, scary, simulator, etc and add a twist to it, like having a goofy roleplay game but add secrets and special things that not a lot of games have. There could also be games that have a use like last online, costume generator, robux calculator etc.

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