What game name do we need to use?

Hello, Crafter Studio TM is currently working on town/city roleplay game.

About the game

You have to live in a city, there are diffrent citys and a big map. You have to go on work and you can make your own store. there are diffrent job types like Police, S.W.A.T
, Agent, EMS, Fire Fighter, Investigator, Restaurant job, FBI and much more. On work you can grain your level by XP, and then you can unlock new items. Like if you’re a police you mabye get a taser in level 10. like that. And when you are on work you will get some money. You can also buy a home and you can also buy a plot where you can customize and build your own house, store or whatever you want.

In a update when all features is done there will come a airport, so you can take to another country to live or on a trip. There will be a new map over there.

Why Are we posting this post?

We need you guys to choose/vote the game name. We have some few ideas. We Hope you will vote.

  • Cityline Roleplay
  • Bloxtown
  • Blox City
  • Emergency Lights
  • Work at a city
  • Cityscapes
  • Optimisim’s Peek

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