What Gamepasses does your game have?


I’m wondering what Gamepass/Developer-Products your game’s sell. And, how much is it being sold?

For example: Double XP, Cash, Etc.

Me and a group of other developers made a game a while back, turns out that about 3 times more people buy the double xp and cash then the vip gamepass, hat is ‘less useful’ in the gameplay

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I worked on a game before (Jumping Simulator) and I created a double jump gamepass.

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And for the price, you can calculate it depending how useful it is.

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I have a Donated to the Creator gamepass :robux: 15, a 2x Walk Speed gamepass :robux: 50, a 2x Candy gamepass :robux: 200, and a VIP gamepass :robux: 400.

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You do realise it is a better option to have a donation product instead of a donation gamepass right?


Yeah probably, I have no idea why I thought of that.

Wow I’m going to implement that now…

What is the formula you use for calculating it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually, my gamepass is really useful when you reach a max amount of jump power and to get islands quickly. And if you think about it, it has to be expensive.

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