What i do with ChangeHistoryService?

Hello, I would like to know how to use and what can I do with this service? I have tried some things but I am not entirely clear what its functionality and use is, someone would be so kind to explain it to me :pray:

local ChangeHistoryService = game:GetService("ChangeHistoryService")

-- Do something...

It’s something for Plugins, it’s basically what it implies. It changes the history of actions a developer has made. It cannot be used for gameplay however if that’s what you were thinking. Some other methods like SetWaypoint() too but if you’re looking to make a plugin, it may come in handy, depends on use case.

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Is it like something like doing a commit with git? save a point and if I make a mistake in the future, can I go back to that backup point and recover it?

Yes, it’s a much weaker and simpler version of it but you’d expect the same result essentially.

Although I don’t believe, I could be wrong but I don’t think undos and redos are saved to be used outside of a studio session, unlike in git so it would be something you could only do per session. You can see if I’m wrong by testing it in a plugin for yourself.

But it’s use case is typically what you’d expect from any ide or even in here. If you were to type something and hit a “Redo” or “Undo” command which for me is ctrl + z to undo. That’s the kind of behavior you could modify using a plugin.

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no it’s a undo history, it’ll go to the previous point when you press ctrl + z and go to the one you just were on when you press ctrl + y

waypoint 3 → ctrl + z → waypoint 2 → ctrl + y → waypoint 3

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aka a much simpler version of using git commits. In git you’d see something along the lines of a few lines in the console that’ll undo and redo a commit, as well as a reset method. With ChangeHistoryService you may not need a console but it will have the same effect, just kinda weaker cause well, roblox doesn’t need anything beyond that currently.

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Thanks a lot for the clarification guys! It is very helpful, I personally know how to use git and the truth is I did not expect to see something like this in roblox, I am going to see it and check how it goes…

If I create a point with SetWaypoint then (in the future) how can I access this restore point?

I would suggest looking at the developer wiki


It does handle a lot differently than what you’ll be used to. I personally don’t use it but I get the idea of it. From what I can understand, there’s OnUndo and OnRedo methods with a waypoint callback attached to it. That would be a good place to start looking :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help guys !! :smiley:

No problem! Also would look at the GetCanRedo and GetCanUndo methods as it may or may not return the waypoint for you. Not sure, would fact check everything I say on that but regardless you should be able to revert successfully, nothing playing around with plugins can’t solve :slight_smile:

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