What is a good payment for developers?

I’ve had this game idea in my head for a while now - and I think it’s a very unique and interesting idea.

But, I realised that I can’t make a game like that alone: I need a team or a studio. That solved my first problem but now a new problem has risen - payment.
I’ve been doing commissions and work for a bit now and have earnt, I would say, a fair bit of robux and USD combined

I don’t want to keep doing commissions forever, I actually want to work on the game before the idea gets thought of by someone else. But I also want the developers to be paid well for what they’ve done.

So my question is, how much is a good payment for developers? Keep in mind, though, I’m gonna need a builder, scripter, animator, GFX designer, UI designer and probably a composer. The usual.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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There are many factors that would determine a developer’s payment. For example, if you only need a small bit of scripting done, payment would be different compared to scripting an entire game. Depending on your kind of game and how much scripting needs to be put into it would determine a scripter’s pay. That’s basically the same for the other developers. The amount of time and work they put into developing should determine their pay. These are my personal opinions surrounding developer payment but someone else might think differently than I do.


When looking at pricing ranges for development there’s a plethora of factors you should look into.

It really comes down to what you’re looking for.
If you ask a developer for a service and you’re descriptive they’ll usually give you a price for their service. Price differs depending on what you need done. Try asking around on the Collaboration forums and post what you’re looking for and the tasks you need done.

A large post of information for each category would be a great start, try being direct and informative in your post and incorporate aspects that you’re looking for in your team.

Most developers have a portfolio that you can view to better understand their work, payment range and what genres they work best in.

Just keep browsing around and I’m sure you’ll find the right team for your project and you’ll get a better understanding of the price range for the completion of your project.


I feel this varies greatly depending on the skillset of the developer and the amount of work needed to be done.

For example an experienced developer with a good porpholio and past work is likely to charge more than a less experienced developer but this price increase is in return for a higher quality of game build or programming.

It also depends on the size of the job, obviously a larger job so more to script/build will mean that the developer will charge a higher price than a smaller job. When hiring a programmer the complexity of the job will often have a result on the price as a more demanding/complex script involving a lot of math etc will be more expensive.

For payment it is completely dependent on the developer as some developers will prefer robux only payments whilst others may only take USD

May you tell us a bit more info? You could give an example. Like how much of the work is the scripter doing, and the builder etc.

I would say a good amount to pay a scripter is about 40% because scripting takes a lot of time. That’s not to say that the other skills aren’t as good as scripting but the usual rate for scripters are around there. Builders could receive 30%? Again, not saying that building isn’t as good as scripting so they get a lesser percentage.

Most of the time, GFX designers do commission work. They don’t really do percentages and some GFX designers I have seen charge around 5k for their work. You can negotiate that with the person.

However, I’m not too sure about the rates for the other jobs like animator, composer and UI designer. I think a composer is also more of commission work but I can’t confirm that.