What is a good regen time for brickbattle style games?

I’m making a game in the style of older brickbattle games like crossroads. Now, if you’ve played crossroads, you know that the map regens every so often due to destroyable parts. My question is, how long should I go between map regens as not to annoy people with having it happen too often, to making people bored because they have nothing to destroy.


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depends on the amount of players in the game really.

how about putting 5 or so invisible parts around the map, and when 4 of them get destroyed the map regens?

I agree that it depends on the amount of players in the game. I’d say a max of 5 minutes and a minimum of one minute to start, and you can tinker with the timings as you play the game and get a better feel for how it works out. I’ll write some pseudo code so you can see what this looks like: (assume regen(x) is a method that regenerates the map every x minutes)

if players < (maxplayers)/5 then
elseif players < 2*maxplayers/5 then
elseif players < 3*maxplayers/5 then
elseif players < 4*maxplayers/5 then

Hope this helps!

I think that you should make the regeneration system smarter, and throw in a damage amount factor instead of just time.

What you should do is only regen structures after a minute or two if they’re damaged a lot, so you’d know when to regen it and not just guess and hope it was well damaged at the time it regens.

A rate of about 4 minutes would work fine. You could also check how much stuff has been destroyed, and regen when that reaches a certain amount like 60%.