What is another thing a builder should learn besides building

Hello! I recently hit 2 years of experience on roblox studio! I want to learn something else but I do not what that can be easy for me since I know how to build a a bit of terrian design. I was thinking learning modeling but blender could not download idk why and I am learning programming in school. Please tell me what jobs are the best if you already know building.

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Learn basic scripting. It usually help you give your build a little event touch. Like opening a gate or something. It will make your games more appealing

For like showcases? Like you can actually make function stuff in showcases.

Try learning basic scripts.
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Well I am gonna learn scripting in school I just don’t know what language.

Roblox studio is in Lua or more specifically Luau so if you want to start scripting on Roblox start learning by watching tutorials or actively browsing the DevForum on scripting.

Modeling. Modeling pays better, it’s similar to building and sometimes it is REALLY beneficial to add parts that are slightly complicated to your game as it really tops it off. If you’re interested in game development as a career (like for college), knowing how to model at a young age will make you stand out and will perhaps guarantee you the job you want.