What is considered best practise for local sounds?

I’m trying to create a system that controls what sounds you can hear depending on what bricks the player has walked through. I currently have it so a remote event is triggered when a player walks through a brick, which changes the volume stored in the PlayerScripts. (ie rain sounds play when the player leaves a building and walks outside).

Should all the sounds I plan on using be storage in PlayerScripts and then be modified as I need them, or should they be stored in something like replicated storage and then copied to the player as they are needed, and deleted when they aren’t in use?

If anyone has tried making a system like this, any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You say you’re using a remote event to play a local sound? Why not just play it via the localscript you fire the remote from?

I’m not firing it from a local script. The fireclient function is in the script in the brick. I could be over-complicating it, I’m new to lua

Ah okay, personally the way I would do it is to see if a part with a certain name or Collection Service tag comes in contact with the character’s HumanoidRootPart via a localscript in the character and play the sounds from there for the client, but there might be other methods that could be better.


I’ll try to implement this now, thank you for the help!