What is happening to my shirt and pants?


I’ve been having a problem. The problem is that my shirt and pants have been like this for 3 days now.

Why is that happening and is there a solution to this?

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Apparently moderated. Send a message to this group:


Huh, that’s funny. Because before uploading it as a shirt, I made it a decal (the texture). And it got marked as inappropriate. Which is completely nonsense because it’s simply just a black shirt with a cyan outline. I guess their automatic system detected it as an already-moderated image. I already contacted them for an appeal for the decal itself, but they haven’t responded in a long time. Also, I didn’t know what that icon meant so thank you for the quick response.

The stuff may not be appropriate, but it can be a bug(kinda)

Yes so, apparently they thought I was simulating nudity because it looked like I used one solid color. I told them it has a cyan outline and showed them that there are lots of designs like this and they understood my situation and restored the texture. They also said they will improve the moderation system based on this. I hope this doesn’t happen again for anyone. Thank you for helping, @Operatik!

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