What is networkownership

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to learn about networkownership . I have tried searching it up on youtube but no luck. Can you help?

Hello! What I want to do is learn about networkownership and the different properties in it. Can you help? I have tried looking on youtube but no luck.

YouTube probably isn’t the place to look for documentation. Network Ownership | Roblox Creator Documentation

Still can’t seem to understand it, :confused:

Network Ownership decides who controls the physics of a part.

If the ownership of a part is set to nil, then the server simulates the physics for it. If it’s set to a Player then that specific Player simulates the physics for that specific part.

If you didn’t set any ownership thru BasePart:SetNetworkOwner() then the engine is gonna decide who should control a part.

If there’s a client close to a part then the client owns it. If not, the server owns it.
If there’s multiple clients near a part then the engine will decide who out of all clients near it should own it.

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