What is settings()?

Okay, first I just wanna say I don’t want help implementing settings for a game, rather I need help understanding something.
When I was making a settings thing for my game, I was defining a variable called ‘settings’ when I noticed it was highlighted in a different colored text. Going to a blank script I found out it was a function. What does it do? I’ve never seen this before and I didn’t see it in the API reference. Thanks for helping me understand it more. :slight_smile:


Printing it gives you an object called Global Settings which can be analyzed here:


Pretty sure it’s mainly used for plugin customization as it can’t be parented and is relatively uncommon to be talked about, it’s also used by Roblox on the backend.

Ok I was doing the exact same thing but can I ask will there be any errors if i define the variable called settings?

I honestly don’t know as I changed it to Settings instead of settings

No, you can safely redefine the settings global to your own local value.

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