What is the best animation tool to use?

what do yall think is the best tool to use for animating humanoids and other objects?

hello, could you give more specifications please?

from the toolbox, or from where?

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Personally I use Moon Animator and The Studio Built In Animator.

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sorry, plugins you can use in roblox studio

ok thanks @RealisticWaves, ill check it out :+1:

i was about to say blender but since from the plugin store then nvm

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As I said before: There isn’t a best animation tool to use there are variety of different types, the one liked above is useful and used when attempting to create decent animations. I would recommend finding one your more comfortable with if your more familiar using the default animation one I would stick with that one before jumping to other options.

(If your more of a beginner learner). As for answering your question I haven’t heard of many animation plugins out there however (Moon Animation Suite,) as linked above is a good plugin there are many tutorials that will show you the basic guide on learning the controls and ropes.