What is the best color for this GPS UI?

I’m afraid that somebody might say the GPS UI is too similar to the GPS of ETS 2 or ATS(Euro truck simulator2 , American truck simulator)
Here is the picture of it.


Really, I think the color you already have suits the UI perfectly. But if you really insist on changing it, I’d suggest the following colors:

  • Navy blue
  • Bronze

Hope I helped! :happy1:

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The middle one! <3
“light blue”

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If you want to stick with a dark background, try a light blue or purple for the route and any details instead of orange.

Alternatively, you could do a light background like many real life sat navs use:

Or better still, create the ability for the user to decide what colours they want different parts of it to be.

Ultimately, as long as you haven’t stolen anything directly from those games, a GPS system is a GPS system. I’ve played those games and in its current state I think yours is different enough not to worry.


I actually like the color palette you have already but I will give some suggestions.

  • Dark Teal
  • Gray
  • Dark Blue

Also, if you’re making a game and have a type of theme/color palette, I suggest you stick with the theme and use the same colors.

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Rather than give my personal opinion, I would recommend you look up GPS layouts for real-life systems, and see what they do in terms of colors. Then, just choose the theme you like best.

(Also, I really like the 3D feel of your GPS. Very nice. :+1:)

I don’t really think you have any problems. The GUI looks great. If you really wanted to change it, i would suggest navy blue for the background and maybe a white for the road. Or you could flip these around.

Either way, looks great.