What is the best math to use for good stats in game?

I really have problems with typing prices in game shop and the tools stats and also the ways in earning money

My issue how would I put good stats and good way for earning money without it being very hard or very easy? I want a way to make good stats that makes the game fair and balanced and not hard or easy

I have no idea on how this should be and is there also a way on putting a good prices for dev products and gamepasses? all what I know about gamepasses and dev products is making the price on how worth it is, its kinda hard to do this

(My game is a simulator)

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When it comes to Gamepasses and Dev Products, i’d say the best way is to try and estimate the average price other people use for their games, try to lower the price by 10% and the sellings should take off in no time.

However, if you estimate that the gamepass is stupidly overpowered you might wanna make it overpriced as you don’t want people finishing off your game after buying a 200R$ gamepass for example.

When it comes to in-game currency, there are no rules to typing prices for the tools, stats etc… i would say you’re gonna need experienced testers for your game. They’re without a doubt gonna be of a tremendous help making you scale and value every single stat and currency in your game.

That’s why you always wanna make a testing phase before releasing your games to the public.


In my own game I tried with all ways making it easy but people kept saying its hard so I really do not know. but I will try get testers like you said

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Before anything, you should really just see if your game is destined to be F2P or P2W.

For instance, if you’re making a simulator game it’s clear that you’ll be selling A WHOLE LOT of dev products and gamepasses which makes the game P2W, but it doesn’t mean that the players who aren’t gonna be able to pay can’t play the game, they actually can make decent progress but they can’t be as advanced as the people who bought boosts.

If we’re talking about an obby, there isn’t really any crazy advantages to offer, you could definitely find someone who hasn’t paid 1 robux with more progress than someone who bought a 3 lives gamepass for example. So you really should know the purpose of your game and if it’s destined to be hard for the F2P people or not.

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How about you join game and check it? also tbh I do not really like the map and there wasn’t even enough space for portals to all areas which made people have to walk all areas to get last. I am currently remaking whole map so it become fit everything.

here is the current outdated version link;

This is some picture for the new update for the map in first area

Truly it all depends on what the game is offering to sell with the game currency.
You could say 5 in-game coins count as 1 dollar and just convert this template for each item as if it would be priced in reality.

5 In-game currency = 1 Dollar?


So i just checked out your game, honestly the scripting part of the game is outstanding. Everything from the intro screen, to the shard collecting script is nailed. The UIs aren’t that bad too, but the map isn’t really captivating.

I reckon it might be one of the issues that might’ve led people to give up on the game. Another thing is that, the first pickaxe is way too overpriced.

Now here’s the thing, your first goal when a player joins your game is that you wanna make them stay, so if a player can’t progress on a fast rate right after joining the game, what’s the point of playing if you are making slow progress, it wouldn’t be fun right ?

So the best strategy is what i would call “progressive difficulty”, the game gets harder the more you progress which is eventually gonna lead to people buying gamepasses, and those who can’t pay for it have basically played for over an extended period of time already, and they have made a lot of progress so they might aswell just keep up with the game, but even if they leave it wouldn’t be a loss, because you’ve had a player playing your game for a long period of time, then eventually your game will slowly start decreasing in players but it won’t happen right off the start it would take a couple of months i would say. I hope you get the point.

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Well for prices I made first pickaxe cost 600 then second 1200, then keeps increasing by 600 but I think as fair price 250? maybe? and each tools keeps increasing 250? (Depending on the current system of earning money)

In my opinion, i would say the first pickaxe should cost anywhere from 100 to 250, but then you can increase the price at whatever rate seems appropriate to your game’s mechanics. It doesn’t always have to be increasing by the same amount every single time, but that’s up to you.

Also, i forgot to mention that “codes”/“daily rewards” etc… are a great way of engaging your community aswell, everyone loves free boosts. But i think that’s just a bonus, you should really emphasize on the mechanics of the game first.


Yeah about codes, I had codes that were bit op each gives more than 400 coins which gives advantage, and I actually forgot completely about daily reward system,

and thanks you really helped out + I was thinking in adding dev products (Boosts) like for 50 robux for 1 hour 2x coins so not sure if its good idea

Yeah boosts are definitely the best way to go, i encourage you to implement them aswell in addition to gamepasses.