What is the best method to do an explosion? (debounce and multi-hit)

I’ve been searching on the devforum for a bit to see how would you do an explosion that can do debounce and multi-hit. I’ve tried using tables like this

local tabel = {}
If thing.Parent:FindFirstChild(“Humanoid”) and not table.Find(thing.Parent,tabel) then

For me, there is a problem with this. This is totally fine when you’re dealing with damaging players as it accounts for debounce and multi hit, but when I want to hit these two dummies shown over here


It would run into a problem, as only one dummy would be hit because both have the same name.

One alternative is to create a part where the explosion would normally be, and whoever touches it takes damage, but it could screw up raycasts and pathfinding. How else could I make an explosion that would account for debounce and multi hit?

you could use region3 and put it inside while loop. in the region3, you would just damage the humanoid inside them. And you can expand the box thing

how does a region3 work, I’ve seen workspace:GetPartsInRegion3 but how would I size it?

Nevermind, I found out how it works

Region3.new(min,max) works by

max - min, position it to the bullet’s area by the first param of region3.new