What is the best method to separate players' building plots?

Here is three ways how can I make this:

  1. Clone building plot to workspace for every player
  2. Use one building plot and create parts from LocalScript
  3. Use ViewportFrame
    What is the best & cleanest method?

Really depends if you use a local script then other players might not see other builds. That really depends.

If you summon parts on a LocalScript, they will only be visible/interactable to the player summoning the part. You can use the same plot to build on by simply making a folder in ReplicatedStorage for the other player’s characters, and locally move them to the folder to hide other players for that specific person.

So this method supports your second option;

I want to make isolated building plots and a button to “spawn” players’ builds.

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it’s better using this because it gives the game more performance,
and for the builds just do a remote function that goes from local to server using a for loop

the next lines are an example if the game is a build battle game

example client:

local remoteFunctionName = game.ReplicatedStorage.Functions.remoteFunction

for i, part in pairs(localPlayerPlot:GetChildren()) do
remoteFunctionName:InvokeServer(part.Name, part.CFrame)

example server:

local remoteFunctionName = game.ReplicatedStorage.Functions.remoteFunction

remoteFunctionName.OnServerInvoke = function(BlockName, blockCFrame)
local block = game.ReplicatedStorage[BlockName]:Clone()
block.Parent = workspace
block.CFrame = blockCFrame

hope it helps!


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