What is the best way of making rideable parts?

Hey devs, I am looking to find the best way of making moving and rotating parts that players can ride. An example could be the ones in Tower Of Hell, Tower of Misery, Tower of Chaos, and any other obby.

I have already tried using BodyVelocity, but I found this unreliable as the position is not always where I want to go to.
BodyGryo sometimes glitches out on me, but that could be an issue on my part.
I have seen a lot of people use BodyPosition and I can see that this is a really solid option, but when I tried to use it it didn’t keep me on and I just slid off.
TweenService will not carry the player.

So, what do you think would be the best option?

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Are you doing it on the client?

You’ll have to use a BodyGyro with a BodyPosition to keep it’s orientation. BodyPositions would be the best way of going by this with BodyGyros to keep it in place, any other way would probably be a hassle.

Yes, I tried doing it on there and it didn’t work. But I just tried it again; and now it works on the server and the client?

Yeah, it was jus that those did not work for me before so I was was looking into other options. But I got the BodyGyro with BodyPosition to work so do not have to use some other solution.

You could use the TweenService to move the parts.

I’ve already tried that sadly. Tweening will glitch out really bad if the part is unanchored. If the part is anchored there will be no velocity to push the player. I’ve found that BodyPosition and BodyGyros are a good solution. I don’t know why the parts weren’t moving before when I used BodyPosition.

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I am now using BodyPosition and BodyGyro, it works well. But; I have run into an issue.
Looking at the video, it shows that the player slides a bit when teleporting. I tried to fix this by tweening using Circular and Cubic but no good. Is there any way I could fix this?