What is the best way to fill up an empty wall?

I’ve met a few walls before, and they usually are pretty empty.

What is the best way to fill up an empty wall?

When I am building things like arenas, lobbies, etc. I have giant open walls, and without anything on them, they just look boring. Boring things are boring, so I ask, what is the best way to fill up an empty wall?

I understand I can throw a bunch of random pictures or something on it, but that’s not what I want to do.

So… thoughts?
Image of the empty walls:

Here’s the game if you would like to get a feel for what I’m talking about:


It really depends on what you’re building. You can’t give specifics out when there’s so many things to build. If you’d tell me some specifics, like what type of lobby, etc., then I’d be happy to help, but you have to be very specific to get good answers. Even atmosphere plays part in wall design! :slight_smile:


Well in this case, I am making a little lobby that is in the shape of an octagon. (I think)

It has a low poly cartoon look to it.

The colors are going to be changing alot.

But there is tons of empty space on these walls, and I have no idea how to fill it up.

The lobby is supposed to give the players a warm feeling.

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I’d go with fan-made game art (if you do have them already) or pictures of different sections of the game. If you don’t want pics then just empty frames. You can also put some plants or other standing objects that could cover the wall too.


Perhaps a scrolling picture of sorts.

As Krunnie suggested, fan-made art works great, especially when it is a variety.

Maybe add a sign that gives updates, server information, leaderboards, etc. Something to fill up the room but also be interesting.

I’d cut a cavity into the walls and put objects behind glass like trophies or something.

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One of my favorite lobby add-ins is a “glass case” filled with the game developers.

The devs love it and so do the players.

I have avatars that refresh to a given players current look. I can send them your away if you decide to do something along that line =)


If you want to go for a warm, possibly tropical feeling, you could do sketches of palm trees or possibly a fish tank in the wall?

You don’t have to have something on the wall that repeats itself in the sense of a pattern along the wall. Instead put something unique the whole way, to liven the room, not just the wall. That would be boring. Things you can have in the lobby, siding with the wall could include following:

  • Billboards (game passes(different board for each))
  • Pictures
  • Map voting area
  • Actual billboards with paper (idk lmao)
  • Decorations overall

I would recommend studying what other lobbies do. Instead of asking. Usually artists in the process of learning, they copy others. Not plagarism, they just take some element of an art piece to elavate or make it their own in a way.


The word ‘decoration’ is very undescriptive, and pretty much what I’m trying to find.
What kind of decorations?

I have no idea what this means at all

I do like this idea though, and will most likely implement it

Here’s a better picture of one side of the room that needs to be detailed up

Also here is the game link if you’d like to check it out for yourself and really get a feel for it: https://www.roblox.com/games/3058804774/tof


It is… undescriptive but is comprehensive… There is a broad options ranging from pictures and paintings to festive means. You will have to look into it yourself :slight_smile:

As for billboards, it is a just a billboard with papers filled with text of yours. You can be clever about it and put change log there or maybe if it is a wild west game. Put a wanted list there. I just gave some examples, it is up to you what you want to do with them. As my final advise was…

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  • If it’s like a mini-game game you could put a window looking out onto the mini-game possibly.

  • Maybe have a water effect running down the wall. Have it’'s colour altered by different lights maybe.

I don’t know any others that haven’t been said already. Good luck.

If the walls are in a building, try creating paintings and weld them to the wall! If it is outside, try making moss on the walls. If it is a dirt wall, try putting rocks into the wall!

There’s a lot you can put on walls, it’s all about the imagination.

Here’s a couple things I put on my walls to make them more interesting:


Yeah I know there’s alot of different colors, but I’m still trying to play around with them. I’m not that good with coloring lol

Hey, so the best thing, since you don’t like pictures, could be patterns. In my opinion, in general, you could add:

  • Checkers
  • Stripes
  • Game Name
  • Character models of dev, moderators, etc.
  • Animals
  • Foliage
  • Random patterns
  • Items related to game

These were kind of off the top of my head.