What is the best way to make a module easy to read

I have made two open sourced modules before and since I am working on a third one I want to make it easier to read, so people can use it easily.

if you have any suggestions that would be very helpful

I have two resources that I use:
Lua Conventions:
Clean Code:

Hope these help!

I think these are great
I pretty much already follow most of these rules

Only problem is when the module scripts get too long.
One of my modules has 58 functions so it makes it longer and harder to read.
Would I separate functions into different module scripts if it got long like that?

I would separate it into a couple of modules and you can also put the modules into folders. You can also sort the modules into different functions inside that is related with each other functions of one module. Other then that I don’t know what more to organize it with.

yea I think I have a good idea on how to rework that now
loved the roblox style link btw

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