What is the default tool grip position for R6?

I am trying re-make an existing tool without using a Tool object. This specific tool makes regular use of the tool’s Grip property to position the handle of the tool in the character’s hand, and so I am trying to position the handle the same way a tool’s grip would without using a tool.

I am only going to use R6 characters for my game so I only need the solution for R6.

How can I replicate the behaviour of Grip , with welds for example?

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I figured it out. In case anyone can use the solution in the future, the default grip position is (relative to the Right Arm):

CF = CFrame.new(0, -1, 0):ToWorldSpace(CFrame.Angles(-math.pi/2, 0, 0))

And then to apply a tool’s Grip to that default position:

CF * Grip:Inverse()

(Keep in mind this is the way I managed to do it and may not be the best/easiest way.)