What is the most efficient way to create a thread?

I am wondering what is the most efficient and fastest way to create a new thread?
I have tried both and roblox events to create thread and coroutines, but now met on the problem with LocalScripts running slow (server is unaffected). Right now I uses this method to create a new thread:

local run = script.run
local module = {
	new = function(f)
		local con
		con = run.Changed:Connect(function()
		return {
			func = f,
			run = function(self)
				run.Value = not run.Value

I feel the prev is faster (what I am doing works better with this), but I don’t know if it is more efficient, So is my method more efficient than doing:

	--something here

Or does there exist faster and/or more efficient methods?

Try using a BindableEvent and firing it maybe? I’m not sure what exactly is the issue you’re encountering but it’s an alternative. I don’t think either method you mentioned is “slow” if you’re talking terms of performance.

Found the cause for all LocalScript to slow down and found the fastest method and most efficient it was the event I used and the bug was caused by following:

repeat wait() until something

and apparently it it was ran through over 1k times with a infinity loop on everyone, only some few times it got passed, around 20-30 times.