What is the most efficient/reliable way of keeping a models orientation .. ,.. ,0 while its being moved by velocity?

I have a model that’s moved by LinearVelocity [player controlled], when it goes up a ramp and falls its hideous and goes down nose first, I would like this model to fall flat as soon as it gets in the air, the only way I can think of going about this is by keeping the models orientation 0 on the Z axis in a loop [while its in the air] which is extremely buggy and not viable at all.

The problem is I’m having trouble finding a reliable way to keep the Z axis 0 while its falling, I have a pretty good loop going that detects whenever the model is in the air but like I said before the problem is when its falling. If anyone has any ideas or solutions let me know.

I’ve tried using another body force with a different attachment to add a little force going upwards while falling but this is also not a good method because as soon as I enabled the upwards force and disable the forward/backwards force the model severely rocks back and fourth while slowly falling, I’m not really sure why it does this I’m sure there is a solution somewhere using body force but I don’t use body force nearly enough to see one out myself.


Looking at the picture above you would see why it was not ideal for me to apply upward force to any of the other attachments

Thanks for any help or tips in advance.

You would want to change the angular velocity to try to redirect it to near 0 and then stop the force/velocity to stop it overshooting and rocking back and forth. Forces in general can be a bit measy of your trying to depend on roblox physics to rotate or achive a desired result