What is the pitch behaviour of Playbackspeed?

The wiki article that explains the behaviour of Playbackspeed explains exactly how the speed of the sound is based on what property it is.

However, since this property also changes the pitch of the sound, the wiki article does not go into any detail into how the pitch is changed at certain values. It just tacks on to the end to say that it is something that happens.

I am curious if anyone has any more information, knows how pitch is affected by playback speed (with the technical numbers, that is); or if there is another place I can find this data. I am hesitant to just assume that the data is the same as it is with speed since pitch and speed are completely different.

Link to the article:

The change in pitch is proportional to the playbackspeed value, so a value of 2 would make it sound one octave higher, 4 would make it 2 octaves higher, etc.

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