What is the URL I should post to if I want to have Roblox receive a webhook request?

I’m trying to add something to a game of mine where the game is supposed to receive a webhook POST request and take the value from that and do something with it. What is the URL I should use to post?
Thanks for any help.

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You can’t apply URL end points to your game, so if you want to make a webhook system working on Roblox game, it won’t be possible. You need to use your service.

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Although that’s not currently possible it would be cool to have something like that, currently I have to ask my server every 30 mins or so via HttpService.


As stated already, you cannot make the Roblox servers recieve an HTTP request. Even if you managed to find the server’s IP and port, if you did a request you’d be probably greeted with a 400, 401 or 403 error - the request does not go through HttpService.

If you need to do that, you can (if it fits your needs):

  • Send to your web server a POST webhook containing your game.JobId, which is unique across servers.
  • Each 5 seconds or so, send a GET request to your server (its a good idea to send your game.JobId in the header if it’s server specific) to confirm if there is any data update.
  • Your server will process that GET request. If the server’s authenticity is verified, send them the data, and erase the value internally (unless you still need it)

This is an hacky workaround, and definitely not the most efficient. But it’s what we have got with the tools that are given to us.


@yoshifan509123 There is currently no way to send requests to a game.

I’ll mark this as the answer but I won’t use it, because I won’t be able to, and It not a big deal for my game.

In Okwo I have implemented something what would literally work the way you want.
PM on Discord?

How are you sending requests back to Roblox games… what?

They’re definitely not. They’re likely just sending requests often and getting back a response.

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uh. Just like @davness has described.

That makes a lot of sense. I guess you could technically send data back in responses.

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