What is the ZIndex of Coregui? How to not cover up coregui like leaderboard with my gui elements?

In this game you can see that the leaderboard covers up the elements that show the damage and xp etc. How did they manage this? Changing zindex of the frame I was using to -1 didn’t work.

You can disable the leaderboard or make your own, however you can’t cover the leaderboard as CoreGui isn’t even set with a ZIndex. The only way to bypass this is to disable the leaderboard or make your own.

no look my problem is the opposite, I don’t want to cover it, but it’s being covered

turns out screengui has a property called “DisplayOrder”. Setting this to 5 or below did what I needed with not covering up the chat and leaderboard. Setting it to 6 or above puts everything above coregui.

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