What is this error? "exception while signaling: Player doesn't have any queued callbacks"

Recently, this error has started occurring in my game with no explanation.

I pushed out no updates and it just suddenly appeared. What does this error mean and what’s the cause?

It probably has something to do with bindable functions/remote functions. Is it breaking anything in your game?

My game only uses remotes, so I was also thinking that might be where the issue lies. It seems everything is functioning properly and I’ve had no reports of broken features from the community. It happens quite often and it appears to have no obvious invocation.

It appears to occur every time the game saves data. Are you checking for queued calls before trying to save?

Whats a queued call? It has no context which is what makes it extremely bothersome. I’ve also checked if any remotes were being fired when the player leaves but there were none.

Are you using any sort of data saving module such as DataStore2? This might be a custom error created by that module.

Thats a negative CodeJared, I’m using a basic datastore system.

Huh, then I have no clue. Never seen an error like that, especially with no reference line. Roblox doesn’t seem to have any documentation on that error so it could be anything.

This has started happening in one of our games testing envoirnments, also conveniently the remote stopped working almost as if it was never bound to begin with. Same problem? Still trying to figure it out

Unfortunately, It seems like you have a different problem. None of my remotes have seemed to disconnect thus far.