What is this pop-up? I've never seen it before

The list at the top that says “Aaronn” and “Aaronn” (Which is my username). I’ve never seen it before nor have I done anything to provoke it. This is a clean studio base and I’ve only added some parts to it. Never any free models or nothing. It happens to me every time I click “play” or “play here” or “test”. I can’t click it or anything, and I can’t get it to go away at all.

I tried restarting studio and I also opened up studio one more time on an entirely clean baseplate to see if it happened there, it did. Can anyone help me?

You probably have the XBOX device emulator enabled. Try turning off device emulator (TEST TAB) It may also be caused by your monitor size. Please provide a full screenshot of studio if you need further assistance.