What is this thing?

when ever i press play in studio this green circle surrounds my player? can anyone tell me how too get rid of it or what it is?

it is a plugin
I am 100% sure

check every single plugin you got

either that or a free model

Like previously said it can be a plugin, but make sure to check your workspace. You may have accidentally added something in without realizing it.

I definitely don’t see that in my default test server.

its a circle mate thats what it is.

this is on every baseplate i turned off every plugin and its still there

When you exit out of testing and go back into editing a game, is that circle still visible?

nope its not there and it slowy gets bigger over time

It for sure has to be something you added into workspace by accident, I would go through all the categories and double click on them to see if you added something into studio like a free model by accident.

Can you show us your explorer?

like i said before its on every single baseplate empty or not its always there

Can you elaborate on that? If you are saying that if you create a new game it still is there that most likely means you either enabled something in studio, or most likely cause is a plugin because it has to be happening globally.

i think i figured it out i was playing with studio settings a couple days ago and turned on a few things, that may be it

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yeah thats what it was its all fixed now

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What setting was it? So people know for the future?

im pretty sure it was anchors showed or region showed i had them both on and turned them both off and that fixed it